The Opening of the 1st IWS Watercolor Museum

In March 2017, the 1st IWS Watercolor Museum was
opened in Handan, China. This is a permanent exhibition
place for IWS artists showcasing their masterpiece.
The museum is owned by IWS Museum
Director, Mr. Han Yuzhen.

Mr. Han Yuchen

Born in 1954, Han Yuchen has loved calligraphy and painting from
his earliest years, thanks to the guidance and inuence of his
family. In the 1970s, he began to learn about painting with Li Hua,
Su Gaoli and Liang Yulong of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, as
well as with the prominent artist Zhang Wenxin. Many of his
paintings, calligraphy and photos have been selected for
exhibitions across China. In recent years, his oil paintings inspired
by Tibet have been widely acclaimed in artistic circles because of
their authentic and vivid representation of Tibetan life.

Watercolor masterpiece are displayed in the museum.

The entrance of the IWS watercolor museum.