“Water” connects artists together,  “Color” makes the world a better place.


October 2016 was the season that watercolor bloomed; artists from all over the globe trekked to meet in Shanghai and Handan, China. Through many exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations by well-known artists, such a gathering has become an exchange of friendship, interaction, and appreciation between all.

In China, watercolor is both a familiar and traditional artistic expression. Globally, the medium has broken all regional and racial boundaries, becoming a single inclusive language for the people — a demonstration of how art is an international language. Currently, watercolor is stepping into an unprecedented golden era, developing humanistic watercolor’s unlimited charm and beauty, and creating an irreplaceable position for the medium in the artistic world.

With several exhibitions, IWS China has collected more than 380 gorgeous watercolor paintings, marking the start of a union between China and International Watercolor Society as well as a new artistic path for global watercolor exchange.

Liu Yi, President of IWS China

Shanghai is the cradle for Chinese Watercolor Painting. By hosting the “IWS China International Watercolor Exhibition”  in a lively city and with pure luck, Shanghai created another new platform for a more interactive, advanced and better developed international exchange between Chinese and international artists.