About The international Watercolor Society

The International Watercolor Society (IWS) is a non-profit organization which was established in January 2012 with the objective of promoting the world’s oldest and most deeply rooted painting technique; the art of watercolor. IWS is founded by Mr. Atanur Dogan.  Our goal is to promote peace by the use of art; the common language of all the people of the world. Our activities involve bringing watercolor artists and art-lovers together.  Our headquarters are in the ancient city of Teos, Turkey on the eastern shores of the Aegean Sea.

Mission Statement

To bring the watercolor art to the forefront as we develop, promote and popularize watercolors / watermedia in every country.

Our plan of action

Use of free online resources and social media

The International Watercolor Society recognizes the potential of using free online resources and social media to further our cause. We have used social media to share inspiring watercolor art of world watercolor artists.   Not only do we use the web to gather and disseminate information, showcase watercolor art,  it has proven itself an effective platform for launching a global network.  Since the inception of IWS in 2012, social media has been used to connect watercolor artists and supporters worldwide.  By 2014, boosted by the enthusiasm from participating international artists, the next phase, that of creating IWS country branches, commenced.  We intend to promote and popularize watercolor/watermedia in every country by setting up branches from which we can reach out to local artists, offering guidance, opportunities to interact with other artists and take part in international exhibitions facilitated or supported by the International Watercolour Society.  By the start of 2016, branch country membership is over 80 strong with more applications coming in.  It is with pride that we also want to share how IWS seems to have become a harbinger of peace between nations as we continue to promote diversity, diplomacy and respect.  Our policy of cooperation and working outside of race, politics, religion, and using art to bridge differences seems to have paid off.

Festivals, Exhibitions, Partnerships

Festivals and exhibitions are effective means to promote watercolor painting by presenting to the world exceptional watercolor art and artists.  These events also become interaction points for attending artists, collectors, academicians from various countries.  We seek and work with already established watercolor societies for mutual benefit.  We mobilize support to watercolor events by information drive and by encouraging participation of our members.

Education and our Information Drive

We give great importance to learning and in sharing knowledge and experience specially to artists showing an interest and potential in watercolor.  We strive to uplift the caliber of the watercolor medium through discussions, seminars, workshops and masterclasses held by IWS members around the world.  We also publish periodical journals of watercolor art .

 We present advancements in watercolor technology/production to dispel outdated and misleading notions about watercolors.  We work with art supply companies and authorities in the field to help disseminate information that will help bring watercolors to new light.

Guilding us in our mission are our core values


We give our very best effort.  Handle projects and tasks efficiently.   It describes our approach to work, service and how we relate to one another.   It is acting with dignity and decorum.  We acknowledge and take our responsibilities seriously.


Joining the organization requires commitment.  It is a pledge to action.  A promise to support projects by volunteering skills or labor when possible.


We are embarking on a monumental task and success is possible only if we work together.  We give respect and practice courtesy and diplomacy at all times.  We listen and open ourselves to new ideas and welcome innovation.   We provide support to one another’s projects or activities.  We work to achieve mutually beneficial results.


We put great worth in initiative and people who work and give their best to the organization.  We recognize, give credit and reward contributions and efforts.

Personal Development

We pursue all opportunities to learn to become better individuals.  We welcome new creative ideas and acquire new skills.  We will welcome chances to improve by encouraging feedback, creative criticism, coaching and mentoring.

IWS Board of Directors ( Advisory committee )

Atanur Dogan
IWS Founder & President


Liu Yi
Vice President


Chief of IWS World Watercolor Exposition – Watercolor Olympics

Ze Ze Lai
Vice president

(Hong Kong)

Chief of IWS Magazine, Marketing & Events

Amit Kapoor
Vice President


Chief of IWS Schools

Silvia Neiger
Senior Director of Communication


Han Yuchen
Museum Director


Helidon Haliti
Media Director


La Fe
Executive Director


IWS Board members

  Agus Budiyanto ( Indonesia )

  Alexandra Bryksa ( Czech Republic )

Ali Abbas Syed ( Pakistan )

Antonia Bartolo ( Portugal )

Aysin Keskiner (Turkey)

Besnik Xhemaili ( Kosovo )

Cheryl Curnick ( South Africa )

Franc Golob ( Slovenia )

Islam Allboun (Jordan)

Jansen Chow ( Malaysia )

Joe Dowden ( United Kingdom )

José Rodríguez Sánchez (Bolivia)

Linda Doll ( USA )

Mai Nguyen ( Vietnam )

Mauri Virtanen ( Ecuador )

Min Wae Aung ( Myanmar )

Mrinmay Sebastian ( UAE )

Natalia Studenkova (Slovakia)

NB Gurung (  Nepal )

Ona Kingdon ( Canada )

Pablo Ruben Lopez Sana ( Spain )

Sandor Szikszai ( Hungary )

Selma Todorova ( Bulgaria )

Tere Lojero ( Mexico )


IWS School

Amit Kapoor (India)

  Ali Sajid (Pakistan)

Mehran Yousefi (Iran )