Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018″, second edition Albania

“Spring International Watercolor Festival 2018”, second edition

20-30 May 2018, Albania

From May 20th to May 30th, IWS Albania will  organize the  “Spring International Watercolor Festival”, second edition  with the theme “Landscape”, where  international artists are invited to join and paint in Albania, as an exceptional way to promote Albanian Culture and Nature, and a great way to create the mutual communication, exchanges and cooperation and making contributions for the more diverse future development of watercolor.

 For 20 international artists, Masters of Watercolor we are offering free stay during the Painting Holidays in Albania.

Throughout the Watercolor Painting Holiday, the international watercolor artists will be visiting different Albanian cities like Berat, Ura Vajgurore,  Vlora, Saranda, and Tirana, where the artists have the opportunity to make plein-air painting, and live demonstrations for students, which will follow the guest artists during these days.

Two exhibitions will be open


  1. The first exhibition at 20 May, at the FAB Gallery (at the Academy of the Fine Arts ) in Tirana, that will be open with the works that artists will send before festival. The exhibition will be open in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Tirana. This exhibition will be visiting by the students, professors of Art Academy, Artists, Art lovers, VIP Personalities, and Media. The next day will be followed by live demonstration at the Art Academy .
  1. The second exhibition” Taste of Albania ” that will be  open at Gallery of Saranda city, which is going to be our last stop on the painting holiday. This exhibition is going to be open with the works that artist will make during  Paintings Holiday.  This exhibition will be visiting by  the students, Artists , Art lovers , Personalities, and Media

We see this as a great and a unique opportunity to promote the watercolor art and bring countries and cultures closer.