Establishment of IWS Watercolor Training Centre

IWS China has been very aggressive for the inception of IWS Watercolor Schools, Watercolor Education Centers, Watercolor Training Centers, and Watercolor Art Galleries in all cities since 2017. We have visited many influential schools and art organizations in important cities for determining their qualifications of establishing IWS watercolor educational centers and then report to the IWS headquarter. They hope to be listed and in operation in 2018, to promote the great development of watercolor art.

In the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, it is also the birthplace of Chinese watercolor. “XCOT Art Training Institution” has 12 years of experience in watercolor training. Constantly, there is a teaching and training program. International painters who participated in the International Watercolor Master Exhibition in October 2017 have examined this which we are all impressed.
We suggest IWS to authorize XCOT as “IWS China Shanghai Watercolor Training Center.”

Another watercolor training centre is in Zhongshan, in southern China’s Guangdong Province. Zhongshan City has an extremely well-established urban watercolor landscape. “Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College” has eight years of teaching in watercolor. I and Ze Ze, IWS Vice President, specifically conducted an inspection of their campus in early January 2018, and found that the hardware facilities are complete. There are 4 of the 400 square meters of space, as well as art studio, classrooms, teacher’s studio, lecture hall, art galleries, hotels, restaurants and many more. We recommend IWS authorize Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College as “IWS China Guangdong Watercolor Training Center.”

The third watercolor training centre will be in Suzhou in China. Suzhou has the reputation of Oriental Venice. The Ming Art Museum is located on the beautiful lake with 1,800 square meters. The Art Museum of China held a total of 21 art exhibitions in 2017 with more than 60,000 visitors. Its educational center is fully equipped with 17 art classes and over 200 students in 2017. IWS is recommended to grant “IWS China Jiangsu Watercolor Education Center.”

In the future, more cities in China will actively respond to join the IWS educational ranks. I also hope that watercolor lovers from all over the world will come to China for exchange and study and guide our watercolor education so that IWS can deeply bring out the idea of peace and love. We look forward to a bright future of the development of watercolor!
Thank you all!

Liu Yi
IWS Globe Vice President
IWS China President

IWS XCOT Watercolor Training Centre

Watercolor Class in IWS XCOT Watercolor Training Center

IWS Zhongshan Watercolor Training Centre

IWS Zhongshan Watercolor Training Centre

IWS Zhongshan Art Gallery Entrance

IWS Zhongshan Art Gallery

IWS Ming Watercolor Educational Centre

IWS Ming Watercolor Educational Centre