Subscription of IWS Magazine opens now

The third issue of the IWS magazine will be out soon. If you haven’t already subscribed, now is your chance!

Please pre-order your copy from the following link:

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All members’ names will be published in the IWS website

Criteria to become an IWS global member:

Subscribing IWS magazine will automatically becoming a member, no extra cost, membership card will be recieved along with next issue of magazine in package.

Three levels of membership:

1. Board/Director member
2. Master member: ( need to have at least 3 solo exhibitions and workshops, evidence needed to be provided and pass through a selection process )
— Master member have chance to teach in IWS workshop and attend long painting activities in IWS events.
— Masters member will be featured in IWS website with their biography and their personal website
–Master Member will have chance to use IWS Master title on any document
3. Associate member

Privilege for all members
a. Discount for renew subscription of magazine
b. Priority for registration of Master workshops
c. Chance to win Magazine page to be best watercolorist of season.

New ubscription comes with IWS associate membership card