Heritage Art Watercolor Exhibition

The theme of this exhibition is heritage. The heritage itself is not only about the great history and tradition but also the value owned by a country inherited for years, decades, and centuries can be captured and poured into watercolor masterpieces. Traditional dances and clothes, ancient landmark building, are one of common heritage theme, but beyond that, a simple greeting’s gesture from every culture, traditional street food and beverage can be unique things to paint. This heritage theme can also be one of the most effective way to promote the beauty of your country.

Another opportunity is opened to join the Heritage Tour to the world’s largest Buddhist Temple, Borobudur, Hindu’s ancient temple, Prambanan, and watch the famous Ramayana Dance. Feel the experience of plein air in such wonderful mentioned sites. The tour will be held during the exhibition, from 22nd to 27thSeptember 2017.

DEADLINE digital image is extended to 10th May 2017

Contact your IWS Leader for your submission.

Digital image’s spec: JPEG files of 300 dpi resolution, file size up to 3.5 Mb.

Digital image painting only, without frame or mat board. Send to iwsindonesia@gmail.com in this following format:
Country, Artist Full name, Title, Size, Year of painting

The US $ 80 will include frame the painting during the exhibition, send back the artworks and catalogs collectively to every Country Head after the exhibition.

The details of other info will inform soon.

In case you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact iwsindonesia@gmail.com or Facebook Massanger Agus Budiyanto Aquarelle.

Thank you for your participation and see you in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, the city of HERITAGE!

Accepted list of participants